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TCL nScreen Pro APK

TCL nScreen Pro
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This is a free app.
TCL nScreen Pro help to connect your smart phone to your smart TV through WI-FI, then you can show the video / Music / Picture from smart phone to smart TV with your family & friend , and you can use smart phone as a remote control unit to operate TV through this app. This app will help you take full advantage of your TV's big screen and good sound effect.

This app should be installed to android smart phone.

Main Features:
1. Media sharing: Simplay transfer your phone's photo, music and video to your Smart TV to diskplay or play, so you can take advantage of your TV's big screen.
2. TV Remote control: Allows controlling your smart TV simply over the local network. your phone can act as a Touch pad or TV Remote(IR Remote).
3. YouTube video shared to smart TV.

How to connect your smart phone to your smart TV:
1. Your phone and TV should connect to the same wilreless router, be sure to keep them in the same local network.
2. This app was only tested for TCL SmartTV. Theoretically, it can be used for other TV which support DLNA.
3. TV Remote Control function doesn't work for non-TCL smart tv. Media Share works for most of SAMSUNG, LG, SONY, Toshiba Smart TV.
4. This app can works with the following SmartTVs, If this app is ok for you, please response your SmartTV's Model name, these info will help other users.

Support non TCL models (provided by users, not tested by developer):
LG 47LM, LG 47LW5700, LG 42LN5710, LG 42LW573S,LG lb652v,LG PB6600,LG 47LM6400
Sony BRAVIA, Sony Xperia,Sony Z1

Details step of media sharing:
1.Click “TCL nScreen” on smart phone. Connect smart phone with smart TV via same Wi-Fi;
2.Click “Media Sharing” to browse media files;
3.Send media to TV to playback. (with one of the following options)
a)Drag & Drop folder/file to the TV icon on top of the screen;
b)Swing phone towards TV to launch the first file;
c)Play the media on phone and click the TV sharing icon;
4. While playing on TV, shake the phone to play previous or next file

Details step of Remote control
1. Click “TCL nScreen” on Smartphone. Connect Smartphone and Smart TV to the same Wi-Fi router;
2. Click “Remote Control” to operate Smart TV.

TCL nScreen Pro APK reviews

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Jeesen Bobby review Jeesen Bobby
It does not works on samsung smart tv (series 6)
Brody Kobold review Brody Kobold
My cousins tryed to scare me (it was 1:27 or close enough but still EPIC
Ariel Delosreyes review Ariel Delosreyes
TCL nScreen Pro
Shenzhen New Technology Co., Ltd
Michael Barton review Michael Barton
TCL nScreen pro
Can stream movies from my phone to my smart TV with WiFi.. Works awesome
William Rindeikas review William Rindeikas
Fantastic app simple to use go get it people
Valdson Couto review Valdson Couto
works very well.congratulations...this left google no money
Smit Christian review Smit Christian
Awesome App
Awesome app I can share all my media on my screen it's great working on LG(webos) TV, though remote control is not working but it's cool cool app
Austin Hill review Austin Hill
Doesn't connect
Sees the network, but won't connect. Completely pointless. Bought the TV expecting to use my phone as a remote and the app doesn't even work.
deepa vinay review deepa vinay
No forward option
Have to start from the begining every time when there is a problem
Joe Ernst review Joe Ernst
Samsung active
Nope I couldn't connect. With app but could with share by wifi
Khalil Ur Rehman review Khalil Ur Rehman
There are some issues that developer has to pay attention. 1. When there are large amount of file ie mp3 it will always pop up with some chinese error and move back main page. 2.there is no control on the video no forward backwards will be use and many time it will restart the video
Prodromos Papadopoulos review Prodromos Papadopoulos
A very useful App
I will give a 5-star to this application as it helps me a lot with its features, but it would be even better if the controller would work
Ulysses Nolan Paredes review Ulysses Nolan Paredes
2 Stars
Only the remote works. Note3 to TCL 55" Smart TV
Joe Szymanski review Joe Szymanski
Not good
Should allow popcorn time movies too play too
Radheshan Sharma review Radheshan Sharma
TCL screen
V nice 2 get media on big screen, wireless.