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Rfi - remote for Roku players APK

Rfi - remote for Roku players
Rfi - remote for Roku players screenshot 1Rfi - remote for Roku players screenshot 2Rfi - remote for Roku players screenshot 3Rfi - remote for Roku players screenshot 4Rfi - remote for Roku players screenshot 5Rfi - remote for Roku players screenshot 6
Control your Roku streaming video player straight from your phone or tablet! This app does everything the standard remote can and all sorts of other stuff.

If you're having any trouble, PLEASE CONTACT ME BEFORE RATING. I can help you out and I know what to change in the next version. Your feedback really does help!

This app uses free icons from androidicons.com.

● Find and connect to your player in less than 10 seconds without having to manually enter its address - even works with players connected over wifi!
● Roku ECP - way more reliable than the old Telnet protocol some other remote apps use
● Full 12-button control including Back and Instant Replay
● List and launch channels directly from your phone
● Automatically jump to search screens using your phone's search button
● Enter text on your phone and send it to the player - never use the on-screen letter picker again!

Known issues:
● Search and enter text features don't always work with Hulu. This is unfortunately their fault and I can't do anything to work around it.
● Some Honeycomb devices are unable to use this app.

Roku Inc. does not endorse (or have anything else to do with) this app.

For Roku streaming video players only. Not intended for SoundBridge devices.

Support further development of this app by purchasing the pro version and enjoy an ad-free experience!

Rfi - remote for Roku players APK reviews

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steve c review steve c
Works Pretty Well.....
but can't find a Roku on it's own, I had to put in the IP address manually then it can only control 1 device out of 4 that I have. Also there is an "i" button that doesn't do anything but it does work where the official Roku app doesn't.
A Google User review A Google User
Almost There
Email to developer bounces. Can't detect my XDS but it can find my parents' XDS. Maybe the scan is designed to only pass through one switch? Entry of local DNS name would be nice option for manual entry, not just ip address.
Kevin Fernandez review Kevin Fernandez
Simple and efficient
I see other people having issues if they have more than 1 roku, but we just have 1 and this app works great for us, thanks
Michael Lumsden review Michael Lumsden
Version 3.0 breaks Send Text functionality
This was an amazing product pre-3.0. I just happen to have an older APK and will uninstall 3.0/ replace with 2.10 which works a lot more reliably then disable app updates.
Obadeisha Bailey review Obadeisha Bailey
The other apps did not work for my roku but this one actually works! My roku remote has always given me trouble. Now I don't have to buy a new one!
Tommy Tichy review Tommy Tichy
It don't work...
I have a LG V10 & this app didn't work for me. All I got was a black screen.
Jesus Sanchez review Jesus Sanchez
The best
It works when I lost my remote I put the app and I works it so useful
Quincy Laga'aia review Quincy Laga'aia
This is the one for Telstra Tv the rest didn't work thank you
Bell the cat review Bell the cat
It was amazing It works perfect on my Roku
A Google user review A Google user
I accidentally ripped off the plastic off my Roku remote. I couldn't fix that, and it's really hard to press the remote buttons without the little plastic padding covering the buttons. I just found this app a bit ago and tried it! It can do everything the remote does! So glad I didn't have to spend $69.99 on a whole new Roku. Thank you!!
Bob Mahood review Bob Mahood
Seems useful so far. Lightweight installation and works better than Roku remote for my Stick. Has ads, so -1 star automatically, but they are not blatant. Text entry so-so.
Emma Solis review Emma Solis
It works so amazing i am in love what this can do. And get this no paying absoulutley love ❤❤❤❤?
Jesus Sab review Jesus Sab
Its awesome when my roku is lost or not working I can count on this app and its free :)
A Google user review A Google user
It's ok but sometimes the screen just went black
Angie May review Angie May
Does not work on 3500r streaming stick. Worthless.