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Rfi pro! remote for Roku APK

Rfi pro! remote for Roku
Rfi pro! remote for Roku screenshot 1Rfi pro! remote for Roku screenshot 2Rfi pro! remote for Roku screenshot 3Rfi pro! remote for Roku screenshot 4Rfi pro! remote for Roku screenshot 5Rfi pro! remote for Roku screenshot 6
(Ad-free version) Control your Roku streaming video player straight from your phone! This app does everything your regular remote can and all sorts of other stuff. Purchasing this app helps support further development. Thanks!

If you're having any trouble, PLEASE CONTACT ME BEFORE RATING. I can't respond to reviews or comments, so if you contact me I can help you out and I know what to change in the next version. Your feedback really does help!

This app uses free icons from

● Find and connect to your player in less than 10 seconds without having to manually enter its address - even works with players connected over wifi!
● Roku ECP - way more reliable than the old Telnet protocol some other remote apps use
● Full 12-button control including Back and Instant Replay
● List and launch channels directly from your phone
● Automatically jump to search screens using your phone's search button
● Enter text on your phone and send it to the player - never use the on-screen letter picker again!

Known issues:
● Search and enter text features don't always work with Hulu. This is unfortunately their fault and I can't do anything to work around it.
● Some Honeycomb devices are unable to use this app.

Roku Inc. does not endorse (or have anything else to do with) this app.

For Roku streaming video players only. Not intended for SoundBridge devices.

Rfi pro! remote for Roku APK reviews

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jamal harris review jamal harris
I love roku
I love roku
Tonya Fullenkamp review Tonya Fullenkamp
Doesn't work
Won't enter text
D Judson review D Judson
Works beautifully
I give 5 stars because it does exactly what it says it will do and does it perfectly. I would like in the future to see a way of displaying a favorite channel list. Thanks for a great app.
Derrick Johnson review Derrick Johnson
Works great!
Finds my Roku, quick and easy. I can use my device keyboard to quickly type information
Jay Tyler review Jay Tyler
starting to crash more & more..
John Walker review John Walker
Great on S4
Couldn't get the official Roku app's keyboard to send text, but this one works just fine. Couldn't get it to automatically recognize my Roku HD, but manual IP entry did the trick.
stephen bacon review stephen bacon
You named both versions of the remote the same name. Can not delete unwanted remote. Dummy!
Brendon Puntin review Brendon Puntin
Works okay but official app available at Amazon appstore
A bit glitchy and pretty laggy. But works. Amazon appstore had official Remote app and allows linking to account, channel management, and YOU CAN PLAY PICTURE SLIDESHOWS AND VIDEOS DIRECTLY FROM ANDROID APP
Kristy Kelly review Kristy Kelly
I haven't had ANY problems. THANKS 4 making this! Best dollar I've ever spent!
A Google User review A Google User
Tmobile sidekick 4g
Luv it great app
A Google User review A Google User
RFI Pro Remote for Roku Sucks Moose Dick
Sitting 3 feet from my Roku 2 device, it told me that it couldn't find my device; and that I'd have to add it manually. SO, I typed in the number from my Roku Info screen; and damned if it didn't tell me that what I typed in wasn't a valid legitimate IP number. I was looking at my GS3 and the TV at the same time and what I typed in was the number on my Roku screen. I wish that I could have given this app less than 1 star. This app is as useless as the orangutan obama is. Both are freaken worthless and in need of replacement. GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK.
A Google User review A Google User
Used to work
Used the free version for six months then it suddenly stopped working. I wasted a dollar hoping the paid version would work. Now it force closes every time I try to use it. VERY IRRITATING. Time to buy a real remote I guess.
A Google User review A Google User
Omg so awesome
I keep losing the remote this is fantastic
A Google User review A Google User
Wont connect
Free worked great. Bought this now nothing works.
A Google User review A Google User
Better than a Roku remote
Perfect. Could not ask for more!