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Remote for Sony TV APK

Remote for Sony TV
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"Remote for Sony TV" is an application that lets you control your TV. It's a virtual remote but this app have all the features of the real remote.

To use the remote control, you must have your mobile / tablet on the same wifi network as your TV and you have to accept the message that appears on your TV. Because the application runs through the wireless network, it is not necessary to be near the TV.

If by mistake you have refused the confirmation message on your TV ( Message for establishing communication ), it is possible to change your selection by going to :
/ HOME / Network / Home Network Setup / Remote Device / Remote Device List

Here is the list of features :
- Increase / decrease the volume
- Changing Channels
- Use the navigation pad
- Use the media player functions
- Smart TV function , info , guide, return
- And more ...

The application works with the following tv:
XBR-X95xB series
XBR-X90xB series
XBR-X85xB series
XBR-X850A series
XBR-X90xA series
KD-X95xxB series
KD-X90xxB series
KD-X85xxB series
KD-X80xxB series
KD-X850xA series
KD-X900xA series
KD-X920xA series
KDL-X83xB series
KDL-W95xB series
KDL-W92xA series
KDL-W90xB series
KDL-W85xB series
KDL-W8xxB series
KDL-W7xxB series
KDL-W6xxB series
KDL-W5xxA series
KDL-S99xA series
KDL-W60xA series
KDL-W65xA series
KDL-W67xA series
KDL-W70xA series
KDL-W80xA series
KDL-W85xA series
KDL-W90xA series
KDL-W95xA series

This app is neither an official Sony product, nor are we affiliated with the Sony company.

Remote for Sony TV APK reviews

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Trev Bautista-Sawyer review Trev Bautista-Sawyer
Doesn't work
Wouldn't even find either of our two Sony TVs that are on our network. Manually added one with IP address. Connected and sent code to TV. Added successfully. Now it does nothing but act as an advertising billboard. Won't even power the TV on from standby. Volume down and mute worked once. Now Sony's app works as a remote (finally). Dumping this ad ridden uselessness!
Immy Kayani review Immy Kayani
Horrible ads
Wish Sony would make their own official version. Got some horrible full screen ads and videos you have to watch for 5 seconds before it let's you skip them... not a classy move
mike hamnett review mike hamnett
Works a treat! Shame about adds but can put up with them than kneel at the side of the TV trying to sort settings out. Saves a lot of time and frustration! Big thumbs up.
Time saving app. Stress saving app. If anyone has trouble with it reset your tv first to factory settings using the buttons on the TV then try again. Worked for me.
Mikael Holmberg review Mikael Holmberg
Works well with Sony bravia tv. Didnt have to set up anything. Many bravia tvs have the manual buttons on the backside where u can turn it on without the remote Control for those who didnt know
Clorox Bleach review Clorox Bleach
It's a good app
The only problem is the pop up ads. There's too many of them what I recommend doing is just showing one of the when the app starts and then when they close out of it. You can keep the banner ads though. Those are fine.
Scott Blasius review Scott Blasius
Not happy
Too much advertising. ...Viruses? My 75 inch sony is very sensitive. You must point either this app/ smart phone, or original remote within 2 degrees of plane to activate channels /volume. I'll buy a Samsung any day.
Victor Pagano review Victor Pagano
When it works properly it's awesome. But more often then not it takes far too long to connect and there are waaaay to many ads. And for some dumb reason, when an ad does pop up, when you close the ad the whole remote app closes and you have to reopen it and once again wait a ridiculous amount of time for it to connect...and this often happens 7-8 times before it opens and runs properly without an ad messing it up again or without losing connection...
Ron Canali review Ron Canali
Love this- only one that really works right. Ads are common but not a big problem. I wasted time trying to find another app with the SONY name- Don't waste yours!.
Megan Brown review Megan Brown
Some issues with connecting to my sony tv and the ads are annoying but other than that it works well
Collins Sparklys review Collins Sparklys
Data wasted
Packaged rubbish . The world is in great mess because everyone needs money.
darkstar z review darkstar z
Doesn't work on my Sony Smart TV. Useless, just like the rest of the remotes on here.
Muzaffar Khan review Muzaffar Khan
Doesn't work with my Sony. Lots of ads. It's not worth it to install.
Ramneek Sethi review Ramneek Sethi
Not detecting
Tried auto and static IP mode, its not working
cheryl simmons review cheryl simmons
Basically I keep up with my phone and loose remotes. This app is great and serves alot of features. I recognize is free but Just don't like the pop up ads.
Immy Kayani review Immy Kayani
Horrible ads
Wish Sony would make their own official version. Got some horrible full screen ads and videos you have to watch for 5 seconds before it let's you skip them... not a classy move