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Perfect Ear - Ear Trainer APK

Perfect Ear - Ear Trainer
Perfect Ear - Ear Trainer screenshot 1Perfect Ear - Ear Trainer screenshot 2Perfect Ear - Ear Trainer screenshot 3Perfect Ear - Ear Trainer screenshot 4Perfect Ear - Ear Trainer screenshot 5Perfect Ear - Ear Trainer screenshot 6Perfect Ear - Ear Trainer screenshot 7Perfect Ear - Ear Trainer screenshot 8Perfect Ear - Ear Trainer screenshot 9Perfect Ear - Ear Trainer screenshot 10Perfect Ear - Ear Trainer screenshot 11Perfect Ear - Ear Trainer screenshot 12Perfect Ear - Ear Trainer screenshot 13Perfect Ear - Ear Trainer screenshot 14Perfect Ear - Ear Trainer screenshot 15Perfect Ear - Ear Trainer screenshot 16Perfect Ear - Ear Trainer screenshot 17Perfect Ear - Ear Trainer screenshot 18Perfect Ear - Ear Trainer screenshot 19Perfect Ear - Ear Trainer screenshot 20Perfect Ear - Ear Trainer screenshot 21Perfect Ear - Ear Trainer screenshot 22Perfect Ear - Ear Trainer screenshot 23
Having a well developed aural skills and sense of rhythm is essential for every musician. Whether you want to improvise, figure out melodies by ear, recognize chord progressions or simply be able to tune your guitar without a tuner having a good understanding of basics, such as intervals, scales and chords is crucial.

Key features:
• Customizable interval, scale, chord and rhythm training exercises
• Ability to create custom scales, chords and chord progressions for exercises
• Theory articles
• Melodic dictation exercises
• Sight reading trainer
• Absolute pitch trainer
• Note singing trainer
• A fully-fledged scale dictionary

Perfect Ear provides you with high quality, unique ear training, rhythm training and solfège capabilities. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a professional - you will find something that will make you a better musician. Across the globe music teachers recommend Perfect Ear to their students every day.

All this wrapped in a beautifully crafted intuitive application you will want to open again and again.

Exercises can be performed with a piano or guitar, so what are you waiting for, download Perfect Ear right now and you will be amazed by what it has to offer!

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Perfect Ear - Ear Trainer APK reviews

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Hendy Witanto review Hendy Witanto
Very helpfull
Awesome tools anda user friendly. Recommended apps
Martin D review Martin D
Not So Wee Hours (of the morning)
20160805-Fr., …729-Fr., …15-Fr., …: up'd.
Arun Narayanan review Arun Narayanan
Wonderful tool
Love the design and exercises. Thanks a lot to the developers!
The Radicals review The Radicals
Awesome app for taming those Essential Skills a Musician Needs.
Darin Levesque review Darin Levesque
Neat way to learn
Glad to have this app to learn music & theory better
Aidan Gmelin review Aidan Gmelin
Great app for musicians
Good app if you're going to be away from an instrument for a while and need to stay sharp.
Алексей Субочев review Алексей Субочев
Thanks for backup function.
Хороший тренажёр.
Ayame Azuma review Ayame Azuma
I think this app really helps your musicality
Goof Goof review Goof Goof
Большое спасибо! А можно вас попросить реализовать возможность выбора количества нот, в упражнении по тренеровки слуха ноты в пределах одной октавы. По октавно да, удобно, но 12 полутонов тяжело сразу осилить, а вот прибавляя постепенно, начиная с одной ноты, потом 2 ноты, потом 3 ноты +++и заканчивая 12, но вы меня поняли. Может как вариант сначала белые клавиши, потом постепенно добавлять черные./ Большое спасибо! Теперь разобрался,Все уже предусмотрено!
alexandru onofrei review alexandru onofrei
How can I delay between taping start or repeat and the rythm exercise start?
Carter Hoss review Carter Hoss
Amazing app, teaches some of the most important principals for improving musical ability.
Morgan Boeding review Morgan Boeding
This app works great! After I finish all the free lessons I'll be buying the rest of them. It's definitely worth it for the price!
Best music app out there! It has almost all you need. And everything works great. Very fast user support. Highly recommended!!!
This app doesnt skip a beat. The quality ,the content the details this is deserves an award definitely will upgrade to pro
Edison Chavarría-Centeno review Edison Chavarría-Centeno
Very practical
It's a very useful app. But you have to pay for total access.